DairyFeedbase is one of the dairy
industry’s leading innovation┬áprograms
designed to revolutionise
feedbase management
on Australian dairy farms
A joint venture between Dairy Australia, Gardiner Dairy Foundation and Agriculture Victoria, DairyFeedbase uses the latest technology and bioscience to significantly improve on-farm profitability.

Farmers can expect Dairy Feedbase to deliver improvements in the type and accuracy of real-time information gathered to help guide decision-making in the paddock and dairy that optimises animal nutrition, health, welfare and milk production.

Dairy Innovation Open Day

The future of dairying was shown at the Dairy Innovation Open Day on the 9th of May 2024 at Ellinbank SmartFarm, Gippsland. It showcased the latest research, farming advancements, and practices to drive innovation, the Dairy Innovation Open Day was proudly brought to you by Dairy Australia, Agriculture Victoria, and the Gardiner Foundation.

The Ellinbank DairyFeedbase researchers partnered with farmers
to demonstrate practical applications of research. Attendees learnt ways to optimise their pasture, animal nutrition, and on-farm actions to mitigate carbon emissions. It was an opportunity to showcase the research that will shape the future of dairy farming.