Dairy Innovation Open Day
The future of dairying was shown at the Dairy Innovation Open Day on the 9th of May 2024 at Ellinbank SmartFarm, Gippsland. It showcased the latest research, farming advancements, and practices to drive innovation, the Dairy Innovation Open Day was proudly brought to you by Dairy Australia, Agriculture Victoria, and the Gardiner Foundation.

The Ellinbank DairyFeedbase researchers partnered with farmers
to demonstrate practical applications of research. Attendees learnt ways to optimise their pasture, animal nutrition, and on-farm actions to mitigate carbon emissions. It was an opportunity to showcase the research that will shape the future of dairy farming.

Dairy Innovation Open Day

Held on Thursday 9th May  at Ellinbank Smart Farm

The Dairy Innovation Open Day was hosted by Dairy Australia, the Gardiner Foundation, and Agriculture Victoria. It was an event showcasing the latest technologies driving on-farm innovation,
providing opportunities to participate in three information sessions, delivering research and farmer perspectives on:

  • Resilient Pastures and Soils
  • Animal Nutrition and Feeding
  • Being carbon prepared

Topics covered:

  • Resilient Pastures and Soils
    Soil and pasture management are essential for dairy farms. This session will cover improving pasture management, advanced monitoring technology, and the Resilient Forages and DairySoils projects. Learn about the latest dairy industry developments and innovative projects that can help improve your farm’s productivity and sustainability.
  • Animal nutrition and feeding
    Join us for an engaging session on animal nutrition and feeding. Researchers and farmers will present information from the DairyFeedbase program. Learn about the latest findings from the Smart Feeding and First 100 days project to mitigate time away from pasture and strategies to maximise cow performance and profitability. A facilitated Q&A will explore real-world applications. Gain actionable insights for enhancing herd health and productivity.
  • Climate Prepared
    Discover ways to reduce carbon emissions on your farm, including new research on reducing dairy farm emissions and strategies to address heat stress. Access resources to calculate your farm’s carbon footprint, research on-farm emission reduction strategies, and explore sustainable feed options. Learn from a local farmer and a Dairy Australia representative, and dive into climate research within the Climate Resilience project. Equip yourself with actionable insights to reduce carbon emissions and make your farm more sustainable.