Introductory Address – Open Day 2024 Presentation
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This Dairy Innovation Open Day presentation explores the Victorian Dairy Innovation Agreement, a collaboration that powers DairyFeedbase. Discover the applied research projects on soil, forage, and animal nutrition, along with the key Victorian farms contributing to these advancements.

This introductory presentation from the 2024 Dairy Innovation Open Day dives into the collaborative efforts behind DairyFeedbase. Learn about the Victorian Dairy Innovation Agreement, a partnership between Agriculture Victoria, Dairy Australia, and the Gardiner Foundation that co-funds two key research programs. DairyFeedbase, the platform you’re using now, is a product of this collaboration. The presentation explores the applied research projects conducted under DairyFeedbase, focusing on soil health, forage improvement, and animal nutrition. Additionally, it delves into the key Victorian farms that contribute significantly to these research efforts.

Download the presentation here