Ruairi MacDonald, Industry Consultant on the Forage Value Index Project.

The Forage Value Index Futures program aims to improve the accuracy and efficiency of pasture variety evaluation, by using innovative technologies to provide faster and better estimates for farmers and service providers of the value of existing and new cultivars, across several different ryegrass cultivars.

The success of remote sensor technology has the potential to supercharge the speed and accuracy of cultivar evaluation resulting in the benefit of getting information on superior pasture genetics in the hands of producers and advisors quicker.

The current Forage Value Index can be found here

Professor Kevin Smith on the Future Forage Value Index Project

DairyFeedbase will boost the quality of data within Dairy Australia’s Forage Value Index so farmers can make even better cultivar selection decisions for their farms.

You can expect:

• More confident selection of pasture varieties

• A focus in varieties with 20 per cent more productivity
Future Forage Value Index