Marlie Wright, Research Scientist at Agriculture Victoria on the Smart Feeding Project

The Smart Feeding research project will offer dairy farmers strategies to optimise the nutrient intake of their herd resulting in increased milk production without increasing total feed requirements.

Research into milking order and improved methods of feed allocation could increase milk production for cows that are last to return to the paddock by up to 5L/cow/day.  Research is focusing on more pasture allocation strategies and methods to predict dry matter intake for grazed dairy herds.

Maximising Cow Performance – Open Day 2024 Presentation

This presentation from the 2024 Dairy Innovation Open Day explores how to maximise cow performance through Smart Feeding and optimised feeding during the crucial first 100 days of lactation, presented by Dr Marlie Wright, Dr Christie Ho, Mr Stewart McRae, and Dr Rodrigo Albornoz.
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