DairyFeedbase is a joint venture between Dairy Australia , Gardiner Dairy Foundation and Agriculture Victoria

DairyFeedbase was launched in 2018 and uses the latest technology and science to significantly improve on-farm profitability. The project has the potential to see returns to the industry of $100 million a year in 10 years.

Farmers can expect DairyFeedbase to deliver easy-to-use digital tools and real-time information to improve decision-making in the paddock and strategically allocate feed at an individual cow level.

PDF Brochure: What is DairyFeedbase?

Introductory Address – Open Day 2024 Presentation

This Dairy Innovation Open Day presentation explores the Victorian Dairy Innovation Agreement, a collaboration that powers DairyFeedbase. Discover the applied research projects on soil, forage, and animal nutrition, along with the key Victorian farms contributing to these advancements.
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