DairyFeedbase is a joint venture between Dairy Australia , Gardiner Dairy Foundation and Agriculture Victoria

DairyFeedbase was launched in 2018 and uses the latest technology and science to significantly improve on-farm profitability. The project has the potential to see returns to the industry of $100 million a year in 10 years.

Farmers can expect DairyFeedbase to deliver easy-to-use digital tools and real-time information to improve decision-making in the paddock and strategically allocate feed at an individual cow level.

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DairyFeedbase Introduction

Hear from DairyFeedbase Co-Director, Kevin Argyle, on what drives the research and innovation of Dairy Feedbase.
About DairyFeedbase

Board and Management

DairyFeedbase is the leading applied science innovation research program for the dairy industry and is a joint venture of the Victorian Government, Dairy Australia, and the Gardiner Foundation.

Launched in 2018, DairyFeedbase aims to use the latest science and research to deliver management tools that will enable productivity and profitability gains with individual cow, herd feeding and forage productivity improvements. The program has the potential to see returns to the industry of $100 million per year in 10 years’ time.

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The main pathway to farm for DairyFeedbase innovation is through Dairy Australia’s RDP extension network and external advisors (including feed companies). In the future there will be commercialisation partners engaged for some projects.

Project selection, design and commercialisation is governed by the DairyFeedbase board and managed by co-Directors appointed by the partners.

Our Management


Professor Ben Cocks and Kevin Argyle are the Co-Directors of DairyFeedbase and are responsible for management.


Our Leaders


Dr Liz Morse-McNabb

Pasture Smarts Project Leader

Dr Leah Marett

Cool Cows Project Leader

Dr Martin Auldist

Smart Feeding Project Leader

Dr Bill Wales

First 100 Days Project Leader

Professor Kevin Smith

Future Forage Value Index Project Leader

Major Investors

Collaboration with DairyBio