The DairyFeedbase and DairyBio Mentoring program offers our PhD candidates the opportunity to develop strong connections with the dairy industry and supply chain to maintain a pipeline of research talent into the agricultural industry and encourage that talent to stay.

Mentoring for dairy innovation

As part of their professional development we run an industry mentoring program where we pair each PhD candidate with an industry mentor who is an experienced industry professional within the dairy industry. Career mentoring can provide some of the most sought-after attributes that employers look for as the mentee gains industry awareness and firsthand knowledge of the challenges of life in the workforce. While the mentor gains a chance for self and career reflection. The relationship is based upon encouragement, constructive feedback, openness, mutual trust, respect and a willingness to learn and share. A mentor provides support, a sounding board, knowledge, encouragement, guidance, and constructive feedback to the mentee by developing a genuine interest in the growth of their abilities and talents.

Each intake of the DairyBio and DairyFeedbase mentoring program will run for 18 months; with a six month overlap of the preceding and succeeding mentoring group. The mentoring coordinator will match mentees with a suitable mentor and support the principles of life-long learning and knowledge sharing that underpins the program.

To read more about the mentoring program see the Farmonline article  “Keeping research talent in dairy” or click on the booklets below:


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